Meat pie filling

products 1. The meat of the Turkey hearts 400 g( or minced любой2. Bow 1 PCs 3. Green onions 3 стебля4. Salt 1 / 3 L5. Ground pepper to taste For теста6. Sour cream 20 percent 6. L7. Flour 6 tbsp. L8. Egg 2 шт9. Salt 1/2 C. 10. Baking powder 1H.l. Stages of prigotovleniya my cooking channel another 300 delicious, simple receptivities I’m releasing New videos every day.On my channel different recipes of cooking,such as frying and baking cheesecakes,simple recipes Apple pies,and different recipes of pancakes and potato pancakes,pizza,mannikov,cheese casseroles,omelets, and a variety of desserts!As well as the preparation of first courses such as soup,soup,soups,various vegetable soups and vegetarian dishes.Quick cooking meat and fish dishes,a variety of delicious salads.I try to time the cooking was simple and delicious.All the recipes I know by heart,they are proven over decades of practice,my cooking channel for beginners,for those who value their time!Here are links to my основyoutubeные dishes: :// :// :// :// :// :// :// :// k Source: Babyshka TV @ Youtube.