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Menu No. 16 for 10 days | DIET | the Recipe for zucchini waffles | Economical menu for 4 people

Recipe ant of the USSR – MEGA TASTY as in childhood: the Diet “lose 10 KG IN 20 DAYS” (WRITE, WHO HELPED WHO had DIFFICULTIES AND WHAT kind):within 20 days alternate so-called a couple of days of unloading, a couple of protein days and vegetable couple. 1-2 days of fasting: for the day you need to drink 1-2 litres of milk or kefir and 1 Cup of tomato juice, eat 2 slices of black bread. 3-4 days, “protein” : BREAKFAST (9h): a piece of black bread with a thin layer of butter 0,5 teaspoon of honey, a Cup of coffee with milk. LUNCH (12h): a Cup of meat or fish broth, 100 grams of boiled not greasy meat or fish, a slice of bread. The AFTERNOON (15h): a glass of milk or tea, half a teaspoon of honey. Dinner (18h): 100 g of boiled meat or 2 eggs and 50 g cheese, a Cup of yogurt.5-6 days is a “Vegetable”: BREAKFAST (from 9): 2 apples or oranges. LUNCH (12h): vegetable soup and salad (without the potatoes). The afternoon (15h): 2 apples or oranges. Dinner (18h): vegetable salad from cabbage, beets and carrots, a slice of black bread, a Cup of tea, half a teaspoon of honey. THIS SERIES OF 6-DAY NEED TO REPEAT THREE TIMES TO COMPLETE TWO OF THE FASTING DAY. OUT OF THE DIET GRADUALLY. AFTER 18H NO LONGER THERE. to GO to bed FROM 21-22H.TO TAKE DURING THE DIET MULTIVITAMIN. TO REPEAT THE DIET NOT EARLIER THAN IN A MONTH. Be SURE to OBSERVE the WATER-SALT BALANCE: DURING the DAY an ADULT SHOULD EAT 6гр of SALT (THAT’s TEASPOON IN FOOD during the DAY) AND DRINK WATER 30G per KG of WEIGHT, AND IN SUMMER +0.5 L of CLEAN DRINKING WATER. TO DRINK BETWEEN MEALS.======================================The WAFFLE RECIPE FROM KABACHKOV:finely grate the zucchini and juice together with the salt, add eggs, add salt, chopped sausage, add flour. The mixture should be thick as for pancakes. Add soda slaked vinegar. And bake in the waffle iron.BON APPETIT!!!!!!!!========================================MENU 16 here: In this video I talk about the menu for the week for a family of 3 persons, is the proper diet for a week will help You to save money and cook delicious, using video materials for the preparation of the menu for the week.The same menu for a week for a family of 3 people and guests will help You to diversify your proper diet for a week and be frugal menu for the week on a frugal budget.And You will see how does the food we eat the correct meals for the week and this menu for a week for a family of 4 people will like You and You will be able to use this menu for a week in their daily budget cooking. Source: Ольга Шманкевич @ Youtube.

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