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Metropolitan home against a cupcake purchase! Guess who won) Cupcake recipe

The battle is doomed! Capital cupcake with his hands ahead of the purchase on all fronts! Incredibly tasty, tender and fragrant cupcake capital according to GOST!Recipe1 cupcake:180 grams of good butter180 grams of sugar180 grams of raisins3 eggs250 gr sifted all-purpose flourhalf a sachet of baking powder, or 1 tsp.Nuances:1. Knead the eggs into the dough alternately2. We use room temperature oil3. The oven should be heated at least 15 minutes at 170-180 degrees (medium heat). Bake an hour, then if there is an upper firing – use it for another 15 minutes4. Raisins pre-soak in boiling water for about half an hour, well, at least 15 minutesSubscribe and put a bell to nothing propuskaet!))Link to my instagram to my channel Facebook group to you for watching and enjoy your meal!)#capital cupcake #cupcake GOST #GOST #cupcake #recipes Source: Готовить это просто, или мужчина на кухне @ Youtube.

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