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Ingredients :Milk – 350 mlodozeniec – 100 gbaran – 100 cacao – 1 lodges. tea. Tags (optional to view)simple recipes, simple recipes, cooking at home, cooking, home cooking, cooking with fun, food, recipes, milkshake, recipe (website category), cooking (interest), kharcho soup, coffee, cappuccino, conservation, cuisine, jelly, compote, cocktail, main dishes, meatballs, steak, salad, dessert, stews, entrees, jams, preserves, pickles, sauce, meat in French, cake, pie, cheesecake, julienne, marinated mushrooms, dumplings, chicken soup, cocktail (beverage), milkshake (food), non-alcoholic cocktail Mojito, drink, familykuhnya, family kitchen, recipe, cooking, food, food, milkshake Soviet classic, the energy cocktail how to make a milkshake how to make milkshake, a milkshake at home, the Soviet classics, milkshake, syrup, milkshake, jam, milkshake recipe, milkshake recipe milkshake with ice cream, strawberry smoothie, strawberry milkshake, cocktail video, cocktail recipe, recipes from Ivan oreo (dish), how to cook, how to make, Oreo, milkshake Oreo, Oreo, milkshake, milkshake in a blender, milk, kokal with ice cream, whipped cream, ice cream, milk, kitchen show, cugnasco, Nastya Rubik, drinks, food (tv genre), kuhnyashow, milk shake with blueberries recipe milk cocktail recipe, milk shake, blueberry, delicious recipes, milkshake recipe in blender, milkshake recipe in blender, no ice cream milkshake recipe at home milkshake recipe at home video, milkshake recipe video, milk shake, cottage cheese in a blender, milk shake, cottage cheese, sweets, from, lubaski that, as, as, quickly, it quickly, to cook, prigotovte, do, make, formula, technology, cooking, przygotowania, ingredients, process, juicy, tasty, NAPA, home, conditions, Domash, umbach, milk, strawberry, strawberries, fresh, light, crisp, diet, natural, aromatic, children, child, cocktail (cocktail), a milkshake at home, at home, milkshake video, milkshake, strawberry, eat, TV, idimt, yummy, cooking, fun, Vasily Zakharov, mocktail, milk shake, milkshake, sweetfill, syrup, rawmid, dreammodern, bdm06, milkshake, kiwi., kiwi, milk shake, cocktail, dish, eat, food, tasty, delicious food, lazerson, Ilya lazerson, quick recipes, healthy lifestyle, meal, spacebase, spasibochef, method of cooking, recipes, chef, cooking, video recipe, chef, master class, hfm how fast make, HFM, how fast make, how Source: Надин live @ Youtube.

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