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Milksheyk. Super delicious dessert!

To prepare a super delicious dessert Shake, I used the cream 22% to Purchase the cream here Today will make a very classy and delicious desserts in the form of milk shakes or whatever they are called milkshake. Offer 3 ways of cooking. Ingredients:1 Bananas 2 PCs Cream 22% 250млВанильное 200гДля ice cream toppings: whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate sticks, wafers.Option 2:Strawberry and vanilla ice cream 200гКлубничное 200гСливки 22% 200млДля decoration: jam, whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate sticks and fresh berries.Option 3:Chocolate chip cookie ice cream 200гШоколадное 200гСливки 22% 200 mlds decoration: whipped cream,chocolate,biscuits, chocolate sticks. Fresh video on the channel:✅ French Meat. The most tender and juicy recipe! ✅ Grilled mushrooms with creamy garlic sauce. The most delicious and flavorful! ✅ Burger on the grill. Fantastically tasty and light! Subscribe to my channel-let’s cook together: Give your feedback in the comments under the video, or social.networks and don’t forget to press the bell to be aware of new videos! Thank you! Sign in Instagram: [@zhenagotovit]#will Generalovic✅ Youtube channels of the key. Design, video editing, promotion, consulting, training: Source: Жена Готовит @ Youtube.

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