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MINI CHICKEN POT PIE AND SPINACH. An unusual recipe on the holiday table.

a Very unusual recipe is a savoury pie with chicken “Clear hill”, vegetables, honey and nuts! Perfect for the holiday table. Can be done in small forms or one big, depending on your taste. Bon appetit!1. Form to share grease with butter and sprinkle with flour. 2. Roll out the dough, put in shape, pierce it with a fork and bake in the oven at t190 7-9 minutes.3. The pumpkin and onion peel, cut into cubes.4. Coarsely chop the spinach, nuts and chicken thigh.5. The pumpkin and fry the onions until soft and glow.6. To the pan add the chicken thigh, chopped rosemary and walnuts, coarsely chopped spinach and honey. 7. Salt pepper вкусу8. Tomatoes to combine with the starch, stir and bring the pot to a boil. 9. The bottom of the future pie to cover with sauce, firmly put the filling in the form. 10. Bake at t180 15-20 minutes until Golden blush.11. Ready Pai added dried olives and honey. Recommended to be served hot. Source: Ясная горка @ Youtube.

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