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Mini PIZZA Portioned Pizza

the Recipe is portioned mini pizzas;) Juicy filling, melting in the mouth pastry, convenient and portion! With a stuffing it is possible to “play” on your taste) Try)Tag me on your pictures in Instagram and put the hashtag #shobytinskayПодписаться to my channel Instagram My Facebook group, My Facebook group, My group and classmates Similar recipes on my channel:PIZZA in the Pizzeria! Dough recipe for Pizza, the most delicious!! Classic Pizzas. Pizza Margarita. PIZZA at Home | pizza Dough, the Secrets of delicious pizza KHACHAPURI | Khachapuri: Mingrelian | Insanely delicious tortilla Mini pizzas ( 24 pieces )Dough:500 gr. wheat flour/S400 ml. молока50 gr. creamy масла30 gr. сахара5 gr. dry yeast ( or 15 gr. pressed)7 gr. saloncino:150 – 200 gr. sausage салями350 gr. mozzarella cheese (or other semi hard cheese)3 polygonalization:500 ml grated томатов1/2 tsp solibility to have pizza at 220 °C – 10 minutes and at 230 °C – 5 minutes. Baking time and temperature depend on the characteristics of the oven.Raduyte their loved ones!!Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound#pizza #shobytinskay #Sobocinska #minipizza Source: Ольга Шобутинская @ Youtube.

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