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Mishiev was Zalina and my recipes. Recipe in the description I Share the video with your friends

Hello my dear .Health, peace and happiness to you .How are you? How is your mood? Do not get sick, take care of yourself..How do you like the idea of sculpting? Wanted another, but the campaign came up with the idea to do so. Of this amount, the test I made this cake and scones. And from this dough make a very lush products. And so, we will need: – 2 eggs. – 300 ml of kefir. – 200 ml of milk. – 4 tablespoons of sugar. – 4 tbsp Rast.oil. – 100 g of butter. – a pinch of salt. – 1 kg of flour – the yeast I take a fast-acting, and look on the packaging the instructions for use, that in France the yeast a little more. Preparation:Warm the milk and yogurt mix, add the sugar, yeast and about 1 Cup of flour, stir these ingredients and allow to stand for 20 minutes.Then add all the other ingredients and knead a soft dough.Tightly cover the dough and allow to rise 1-2 hours, depends on the temperature in the room, the warmer it is the faster approach. The filling is already at your discretion, who likes what, I used sour jam with sweet cream cheese. Process modeling in the video I think is understandable.The finished product from the test allow to stand for 20 minutes, then grease with a yolk with cream, and bake in the oven for about 20-25 minutes until Golden brown at a temperature of 180-200 degrees.Bon appetite my good ..P. S who cares, come at storis, we will cook soup chili con carne ❤it’s amazing.Mishiev was Zalina and my recipes (@michieva_zalina)❤I Thank you for being with me. ❤it’s amazing Married. ❤it’s amazing I love the food of all peoples. ❤it’s amazing Often come up with recipes .Instagram: Zalina, mishiev was Zalina, delicious, nice, friendly, oblomoff, recipes, recipes, meat, food, recipes, recipe pork, recipe beef, recipe barbecue, barbeque, grilling, recipe at the stake, recipes, food, cooking, wok, in the oven, salad recipe, recipe meat, recipe smoked, kitchen, tasty, delicious food, recipes, homemade, home cooking, your recipes, recipes, personal cooking, baking, roasting, simple recipes, easy recipes, recipes, homemade, food blogger, food court, food, fast food, instagram, youtube, Source: michieva_zalina @ Youtube.

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