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Mishiev was Zalina and my recipes. Recipe in the description

Hello my lovelies❤it’s amazing.Health, peace, happiness and all the best to you .After yesterday’s stories, everyone is looking for the recipe.My good, yesterday a saw I was cooking in a deep frying pan, also can be in a pot. .Meat with plums.-3 onions-600 g of beef and 150 g of flour-salt, spices (to taste, I like to add dried garlic, garlic can be replaced by fresh, black pepper, coriander, turmeric).Preparation:First fry onion, then add the meat and fry a little. Add salt, spices, 150 ml of water, cover the lid, turn on the function of STEWING, and simmer 1 hour. And Yes, it’s a bit on the stove I cook for 2 hours, it was from the long stewing, it becomes delicious. I like to serve with thin pita bread and rice, just rice mixed with corn and beans. Bon appetite my good!#meat #meals #slow cooker #redmond #delicious #food #food #foodblogger #likelike #liketimeМишиева Zalina and my recipes (@michieva_zalina)❤I Thank you for being with me. ❤it’s amazing Married. ❤it’s amazing I love the food of all peoples. ❤it’s amazing Often come up with recipes .Instagram: Zalina, mishiev was Zalina, delicious, nice, friendly, oblomoff, recipes, recipes, meat, food, recipes, recipe pork, recipe beef, recipe barbecue, barbeque, grilling, recipe at the stake, recipes, food, cooking, wok, in the oven, salad recipe, recipe meat, recipe smoked, kitchen, tasty, delicious food, recipes, homemade, home cooking, your recipes, recipes, personal cooking, baking, roasting, simple recipes, easy recipes, recipes, homemade, food blogger, food court, food, fast food, instagram, youtube, Source: michieva_zalina @ Youtube.

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