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MISO SOUP at home. A simple recipe of Japanese miso soup

Miso soup – a dish of Japanese cuisine, soup with dissolved miso. The composition of the soup is composed of different ingredients depending on the region, add the mushrooms, daikon, carrots, potatoes, tofu, and fish ********************************************************************Bon APPETIT! ☕ SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL !!!CLICK ON THE BELL SO AS NOT TO MISS NEW VIDEO RECIPES !!! PRESS LIKE IF YOU LIKED IT!!! ))Hi! I, Lyudmila. I love to cook all sorts of Goodies and are happy to share every week recipes Chinese, Korean, Japanese cuisine and not only. I’ll show you how to prepare quick and easy than You think, and step by step will guide You through my best recipes and show the basic techniques of cooking Asian food. Only the most delicious. Thanks for watching and subscribe.*********************************************************************ON OUR CHANNEL YOU CAN WATCH:PLAYLISTS:the Chinese kitchen: Recipes without baking: Korean cuisine: Dishes for children’s holiday: to Take: Breakfast Pastry: entrees: Desserts: Salads and snacks; Sauces and gravy: AND ALSO VIDEO RECIPES:* How to use Abajo: ;vide…* How to cook Tsuivan. Very tasty and hearty dish Mongolian cuisine ;vide…* Rice with egg is Chinese. Cooking made easy!: ;vide…* Chicken in sweet and sour sauce. Cooking is easy: ;vide…* Meat rope. #Chinese: ;vide…* Cheesecake Oreo. Cheesecake without baking: ;vide…* How to cook Chinese dumplings. Useful donuts for a couple: ;vide…* Fragrant pumpkin cake. Simple recipe: ;vide…* Egg rolls Korean. Cooking is easy: ;vide…* Fruit pie. Cooking is easy: ;vide…* Homemade chocolate spread. Cooking is easy: ;vide…* Homemade mayonnaise: ;vide…* Chinese salad Home: ;vide…* Chinese soup with egg and tomatoes: ;vide…* Royal cheesecake: ;vide…* How to prepare teriyaki sauce: ;vide…* Chicken in teriyaki sauce: ;vide…* Beet salad. Simple,fast and very useful!: ;vide… Source: Готовим легко @ Youtube.

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