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Mixed for 2 minutes and ready!! Could not be easier!!! Sugar pie with apples. Well, very tasty!!!

#nataliyamashika #pinagsasasabi #yablochnyy Friends, Hello! 🙂 Don’t know about you, but I love simple cakes that takes minimum time, and get a wonderful result. This is the recipe. Cook sugar Apple pie. Cake is very delicious with a crispy sugar crust. If you have a lot of sugar to decrease. I used 50 g less than in the recipe. The recipe I found on the website . The cake is baked long enough to start the oven 170 With the first 45 minutes, and then temperature was raised to 190C and bake until cooked and took me 30 minutes, but it all depends on your oven. The original recipe asked to bake the cake 45 minutes at a temperature of 170S. I have during this time the pie was ready, and in the video I’m talking the time I have baked a cake. Start a cake bake at 170S because at temperatures above the sugar topping can burn, but you must be guided by his oven and readiness check cake with a toothpick. Recipe:250 g brown сахара80 ml vegetable oil1 яйцо250 ml кефира1 tsp соды1 tsp vanilla экстракта350 g муки3 small allocable topping:80 g white сахара1 tsp корицы15-20 g cream malaulau You Bon appetite and good mood! :)Subscribe to my channel Click on bell to be the first to know about new videos. If You like the video click like( thumb up) and share videos with friends on social networks.My TV Friends,join ABCcooking in social networks and share photos of dishes you prepared for my receptivitate the Facebook Classmates Sections of my cooking channel:♦ TRANSCARPATHIAN CUISINE ♦ MEAT ♦ VEGETABLE DISHES AND MUSHROOMS ♦ BAKING IN THE BREAD MAKER ♦ SAVORY PASTRIES ♦ SNACKS ♦ LEAN CUISINE ♦ HEALTHY MEALS ♦ RECIPES ♦ DESSERT & DRINK ♦ CAKES ♦ PASTA DISHES AND PASTA ♦ SALADS AND SALAD DRESSINGS ♦ ENTREES ♦ FISH ♦ MEALS IN A FOOD PROCESSOR ♦ CANNING ♦ TORONTO RESTAURANTS ♦ COOKING TIPS ♦ COOKBOOKS ♦ TRAVEL Source: Nataliya Mashika @ Youtube.

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