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My recipe for the tastiest SOUP SOUPS! Meat Solyanka team yum!

wherever we were, wherever we have tried the soup-Solyanka, I always say that my bag of the most delicious! Not even a single restaurant/café/restaurant, even the good reviews are not surpassed me in this dish. Share with you my proven recipe.A pot of about 3 liters I take:- beef/pork meat bone (600-800 g);- the ribs are smoked or Krakowska sausage (150-200 g);- pork tenderloin (300 g);- 1 onion;- 1 carrot;- 500 g of tomato;-3 salted or pickled cucumber;- 0,5 cans of olives;- herbs;- lemon juice;-salt, spices (to taste)cooking Time for soup: 1.5-2 hours depending on the meat Source: Eatme – Съешь меня @ Youtube.

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