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Nests with mushrooms – Recipe of pasta in the oven with cheese and egg.

the NEST WITH MUSHROOMS. In this video You will see recipe great appetizer pasta with mushrooms and melted cheese. This dish is suitable for festive and everyday table. Preparation will not take much time, just prepare the ingredients, place in the oven and bake in the oven. Pasta cooked in the oven with mushrooms and melted cheese is just the bomb.Thanks for the like and subscription.#Gastasheva #Macaronigrill #Gazdarica #Getdafucout________________________________________________________________Ingredients:• Pasta nests – 6 PCs Mushrooms – 300 g• sour Cream – 150 g• cottage cheese – 1 tbsp Egg – 1 PC.• Garlic – 2 cloves• Parsley• Vegetable oil_______________________________________________________________Nests with mushrooms: Recipes with photos: Group in Facebook: Page on Facebook: Thanks for visit my channel “what’s COOKING”. Subscribe to the channel and don’t miss the new interesting video recipes. Source: Готовим Сами @ Youtube.

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