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NEW SALAD with new potatoes / salad Recipes

In the season of new potatoes, eat it almost daily. Fried, boiled, with sour cream and dill. There are all sorts of different recipes… And I offer you, completely new taste is young and very small potatoes. Do not pass by such a potatoes on the market. It is very tasty.How to peel quickly a young and small potatoes you can see here the Ingredients:• potatoes – 500 g• Bulgarian pepper – 0,5 pieces• hot pepper – 0,25 PCs.• Black and green olives – 10-15 pieces• Green onions – 2-3 stalk• fresh cheese – 100 g• olive Oil – 2 tbsp• Soy sauce – 2 tbsp• Mustard with seeds – 1 tsp• Salt – 1 tsp• Leaves salutamela composition “of Them Highs And Lows” is owned by and used under license for the company Scalelab.#recipes #melodicinterval #salad #posteritati Source: Волшебная еда @ Youtube.

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