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Noodle soup gluten free

Peace to You and good my dear subscribers my name is ASEM.Welcome to my channel!Here You will find healthy recipes without gluten and white sugar, as well as select meals for any diet (excluding eggs and dairy products, keto and nud, PP)don’t forget to subscribe to the feed and in my groups Here links to VK Name – “Gluten free planet” my Instagram Name is “gluten-free, PP-recipes” Telegrambyra – “Gluten free planet” – “Gluten free planet” For those who want to support the channel financially.Sberbank: 4276 8450 1732 4366WebMoney WMR: R410925045191____________________________________________________Today, prepare noodle soup with meatballs and zucchini.Do not forget to put ❤Ingredients: #vermicelli – 65 gram me TM “Di & di” #ready minced – 200 grams;#psyllium 1-1,5 tablespoons (optional);#egg – 1 piece;#salt – 1 tbsp;#broth or water;#carrots – 1 piece;#zucchini – 2 pieces;#tomato – 1 piece.#greens#modeso #of adabashyanu Source: в моде ЗОЖ @ Youtube.

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