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Olsenonline for Breakfast. Quick and healthy recipes

How to cook?Olsenonline for Breakfast ⠀⠀Useful and quickly ⠀⠀Ingredients:⠀- 100 grams of oatmeal⠀- 2 eggs⠀⠀Filling:⠀- cheese⠀- chocolate⠀⠀Knead oatmeal and eggs, spread on a pan first layer. Put cubes of cheese or chocolate (I had chocolate candy). Close the second layer of oat mixture. Fry both sides on medium heat on any vegetable or coconut oil, or no oil. ⠀⠀Cook 3-5 minutes ☺now⠀⠀I Promise you will be satisfied! ⠀Bon appetit! ⠀Instagram: sovka.liveVK: Source: Кудрявая _live @ Youtube.

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