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On a picnic with Vegan Recipes from Ivanka trump (Donald Approved )

summer is a good weather, and it’s time to go to a vegan picnic! Perhaps the recipes from the first daughters of the US Ivanka trump will inspire you to try something new! It’s so great to experiment with new flavours and recipes.Detailed recipes and also my thoughts-blogs can be read here:http://vegasskycasino.RF/Arbus…http://vegasskycasino.Russia/summer…Until June 30, you can upload two books as a gift and get 25% discount on the entire range of books and audio books of the company Litres. Details: http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/литресСкидка on iHerb: NVH139; the list of my favorite products from iHerb http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/iherb/Ссылка liquid aminos (healthier alternative to soy sauce): thank you very much for your support of my channel!My story of transition to veganism http://веганскаядомохозяйка.рф/почему…Music: Source: Веганская Домохозяйка @ Youtube.

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