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Only the Bread. But… Bread with onions…..

my Dear subscribers, I could not not share the recipe of bread with onions. In Germany bread is made with fried onions, it is very fragrant and delicious. In Ukraine visiting Olena Kozachenko we tried the white bread with onion. It was also very tasty. My family love homemade cakes and very often I bake bread with the garlic and dill. There is no limit to creativity.there is nothing easier than homemade bread.I love to make yeast dough by the sponge.The recipe is very simple. I’ll give you a sample calculation for one package of dry yeast. Or a cube of raw yeast.Step 1. Opara.7 GM dry yeast or 25 GM of raw yeast.3 tablespoons муки1 teaspoon сахара100 ml. of warm water.mix well and leave for 10 minutes to rise.Step 2. Dough.100 ml Vegetable масла2 tablespoons of salt without top 300 ml of warm воды4-5 cups of, the dough that has already risen.Mix everything and put in a warm place. About half an hour.Step 3. Different could be onions, and fried onions, and herbs, and grated carrots with a small amount of raisins, prunes and coriander. Don’t limit yourself.At this stage the necessary mix with the dough, put in shape or form the loaf, let the dough rise and put it in the oven. I wish you all a pleasant view and good appetite!! Source: Оля Лукоя @ Youtube.

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