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Original starter, will win your heart ❣

Today I decided to share with you the recipe of a very interesting snack is made how I like, fast and available ingredients. And what yummy and even looks dressy, look at a snack, and not ashamed to serve on the holiday table. Your guests will be delighted with such a supply of refreshments!! LIKED the RECIPE, RATHER SAVE IT TO your BOOKMARKS not to lose! Share your videos with friends. And don’T FORGET to GIVE ME YOUR Sign hit LIKE and get creative with baby airlines bell that would not miss a new publication ❣my butt ❣my butt ❣app You will need: ***************************************************** the Cheese melted -2 PCs Crab sticks-1 pack ( not large) Mayonnaise-2 tbsp heaped Garlic-1 clove Dill and parsley-0.5 beam Eggs-3 to 4 PCs*******************************************************Preparation:1. Cheese put in bag and rolling pin roll out into a smooth square. Send it in the fridge for 30 minutes to cool. 2. Boil eggs in steep. Cool. 3. Cut crab sticks in no more cubes. 4. Cold eggs separate the whites from the yolks. Three on a fine grater yolks into the bowl with the whites separately. 5. Mayonnaise put into the bowl add the garlic passed through the press. Mass divide into 2 parts and put in the yolks and mix thoroughly. 6. The cooled cheese removed from the refrigerator and carefully remove the package ( look at video) 7. The yolk is spread on the cheese and evenly spread. 8. The yolk spread an even layer of crab sticks and with the top also put a protein. 9. Finely trimmed greens and sprinkle the protein begin to fold into loaf ( see video). And sprinkle with chopped herbs to the top of the loaf. 10. The finished rolls put into the fridge for 1 hour. Here and you’re done! Tip!The bottom dishes on which you will lay out roll and sprinkle lightly with starch. Bon appetit #snack #tasty #original #fast #beautiful #mariya_azimbayeva Source: Мария Азимбаева @ Youtube.

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