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PANCAKES and ROYAL CHEESECAKE simple recipe. Prepare Breakfast with Nastya Denisova

You know who came to visit me? Yes this is Nastya Denisova, she Palna from the TV series Devchonki. In this video you will learn: How to cook pancakes and the Royal macroscopicity unreleased songs Nastya will Denisoverlay together cake recipe Karina. Does anyone know????We will hold casting for receptacle pancakes you ponadobitsja for frying onions 700гЛук 1штЯйцо 1штМука 40g. (or more according to the situation)pedacycle sour Cream for the cheesecake:400g Flour.Sugar 180g.Butter 250g.Any cheese 600g.Egg 2 PCs.Soda 1/2 tsp.Salt 1/2 tsp.Vanilla sugar 10g. HOW TO COOK? Look at the video. ❤It’s amazing subscribe to my channel and learn quick and original recipes. Blog Nastia Denisova in instagram Channel Nasty and a new track “Home”, subscribe! Nastya has long been ready for the Dinner sets at Home So we met her. And we really wanted to record together video recipes of Russian cuisine. Home, basic, beloved. Take the potatoes and cook pancakes along with us, we will entertain you))) Source: Рецепты Елены Чазовой @ Youtube.

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