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Pancakes from zucchini. Delicious recipe!

Ingredients:- Zucchini 1 PC., Salt 0.5 tsp. – Egg 1 PC – Soda ⅓ tsp. Milk 200 gr.- Flour 150 gr.- Vegetable oil 30 ml – Parsley.—————————Home cooking is the cooking channel, where you will find step-by-step recipes are a huge number of dishes and drinks you can easily prepare at home from what is in your kitchen!On the channel you will find tasty, accessible and original recipes: the first, second, appetizers, salads, desserts, sauces, conservation, beverages, diet recipes, etc. With the cooking channel’s “Home cooking” you will be able to diversify your diet, and find lots of useful recipes, ideas and tips for cooking!Join us to help with video recipes see the beauty of culinary art…—————————Subscribe to Home cooking:YouTube – – – Vkontakte – Classmates – – #zucchini #pancakes #food #recipe #food #appetizer #cooking Source: Домашняя кухня @ Youtube.

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