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PANCAKES on Kefir CHEESE Recipe | Quick Delicious Breakfast

Rather see the recipe for cheese fritters. Very simple and very tasty!))Ingredients:- 2 eggs – 1 Cup buttermilk – 1 Cup flour – 0.5 teaspoon baking powder – 0,5 teaspoon soda – pinch of salt, if the cheese is fresh – some cheese (any)Break into a bowl two eggs plus yogurt, flour, baking powder and soda. If you plan to use the fresh cheese, even a little salt. Well, or basically, if you like everything extremely salty. Kneaded the dough for pancakes. The pan heated. If nonstick, you can cook just like that, without oil. Poured a small test is in the middle of a flat piece of cheese put on top of the droplet test was masked and fry like ordinary pancakes on both sides. Upleatham, while hot, to cheese truuuuuuue))) However, in the cold, it is no less delicious. Just not as spectacular)) Here’s a simple recipe)Your Vika Vinogradova and channel Recipes for lazy people ✳this Group of recipes in the VC ✳this Group of recipes in the inst ✳amazing game So I recommend to watch my other videos: Instant cinnamon rolls and nuts▶ this is the Top 5 breakfasts in 5 minutes▶ this is Breakfast in a hurry▶ lot of ways of wrapping pancakes▶ it’s amazing pancakes how to cook pancakes how to make pancakes, pancakes with cheese, pancakes with cheese, pancakes with cheese, pancakes, yogurt, pancakes on kefir cheese, delicious pancakes, the batter for pancakes, recipe pancakes, pancakes with cheese recipe, muffin recipe, quick muffins, Breakfast, Breakfast in 5 minutes, what to cook for Breakfast, a quick tasty Breakfast, tasty Breakfast, quick Breakfast, quick Breakfast in 5 minutes, yogurt pancakes, pancakes, yogurt recipe, cheese fritters, cheese fritters Source: Рецепты для лентяев @ Youtube.

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