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Panini – a quick hot sandwich // easy recipe // prepare children // paninisandwich

Ingredients: 1/2 Ciabatta, 5 slices of any dry-cured sausages, cheese, vegetables, sauces, BBQ and thousand Islands, a piece of butter. Recipe: roast on the grill 1 minute bread with sausage, assemble a sandwich, close the “lid” of bread, fry 1 minute, then brush with oil and cook for 1 minute before melting the cheese. Eat immediately.Bon appetit!Ingredients: 1/2 Ciabatta, any 5 slices of dried sausage, cheese, vegetables to taste, barbecue sauces and a thousand islands, a piece of butter. Recipe: grill bread with sausage for 1 minute, assemble a sandwich, cover with a “lid” of bread, fry for 1 minute, then grease and fry for another 1 minute before melting the cheese. Enjoy your meal!#food #paninisandwich #desirecap #bistrigiceps #Panini #gracelutheran #fastfood #recipe #of Domashnyaya #delicious #grill Source: АртёмкА FooD @ Youtube.

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