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Pasta nautically Simple and Delicious

Home made Pasta recipe in the Navy is prepared very simply and quickly for this you will need :Bars (Cucina) – 200 CU.Tatarstan-200 CU.Onions – 2 PCs . Salt, PepperTahoe”s happy.Cook the pasta until tender, fry the minced Meat in a pan until tender, fry the onion until Golden beautiful color.All that we got mixed in a container, pasta in Navy salt and pepper to taste.You can cook in a frying pan, as it was originally all used to do, and well, you can use multivarku for this purpose. Decide on the choice and rather for the cause.Bon Appetit, Everyone.#Of vkusneishee#recipes#recipe#Cooking #Pasta polotskplastMode: Gor – :DESSERTS AND SWEETS : serway – : thief :PRESERVATION – : mode :Salads-Snacks – : snatcha – : Blog: – : Source: ВКУСНЫЕ ИСТОРИИ @ Youtube.

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