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Pasta with MINCED meat In French without mayonnaise/ Delicious recipe from French women

I Recommend You to cook this delicious recipe of “Pasta with minced meat in French” this is a very easy and quick recipe.I hope you like it! In duhovochku was only 15min at 150*✅You will need: this pasta-300g this stuffing Gulag.-350gr this Bulgarian red pepper-1 PC. this bow-2сред.goals. this Basil fkus app h salt and pepper this cheese.- 100gr.✅For the sauce: this milk-300ml. this flour-2st.l. app SL. butter-50gr. this mustard-1H.l.⚠app I WISH YOU GOOD APPETITE AND IT IS ADVISABLE TO CUT A LITTLE PODOSTYVSHIMI TO TOGETHER WITH THE LAYOUT!====================HELLO! I AM VERY GLAD THAT YOU CAME TO MY CHANNEL! MY NAME IS LYUDMILA.AND MY VIDEO I WANT TO SHOW YOU THE REAL FRANCE AND HOW WE LIVE IN IT RUSSIAN FAMILY (ME,HUSBAND AND TWO KIDS+CAT) OUR MOVE,ADAPTATION,WEEKDAYS,HOLIDAYS,OUR LIFE WITH THE FRENCH,WE EAT IN FRANCE AND THIS VIDEO IS VERY INFORMATIVE AS IT MUCH THE FIRST TIME I’M GOING TO DO WITH YOU! MY VIDEO ON HOW TO SHOW AND NOT TO COMPARE!IF YOU ARE A POSITIVE PERSON AND LOVE TO LEARN ABOUT THE WORLD – START WITH FRANCE AND I WILL HELP YOU DO THAT!! SIGN IT AND DON’T FORGET TO CLICK ON THE BELL SO AS NOT TO MISS THE VIDEO! MADAME LIU!✅PLEASANT VIEWING! My channel: you CAN FIND ME HERE: MY INSTAGRAM: Source: Мадам Лю @ Youtube.

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