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Cake “Potatoes” – perfect recipe from cookies and crackers! Welcome to everyone who has visited my channel! Today I want to offer You my favorite recipe of the cake “Potato”. There are many ways of preparing this dessert, everybody has his own. I want to share my favorite recipe. It low sugar and oil! The cake turns out moderately sweet and not so nutritious!Here is my recipe:1) 250 grams of biscuits 2) 100g сухарей3) Vanilla 4) 80 g condensed milk 5) 80 ml milk 6) 1 tbsp brandy 7) 50 grams of nuts 8) 20 g butter For the topping:1 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp cocoa Cookies and crackers grind, (I overwound on a meat grinder) milk boil and combine with condensed milk. Add the brandy and mix well. Mix all the ingredients. Generated cake according to your taste and size. Dip them in the sugar and cocoa. Decorate as desired. Put in the fridge for a few minutes. Ready! Enjoy your tea!❤it’s amazing Source: ПРОСТО И БЫСТРО / ГОТОВИМ С ЕЛЕНОЙ @ Youtube.

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