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Pickled carp ! There is nothing tastier ! Salt the Fish house !

Salted carp there is nothing Tastier ! Salt the Fish house RECIPE carp brine with 0.5 liters воды2 tbsp with slide соли1 tbsp without slides сахара2 Laurel листа7 PCs scented перца1/2 h l grains koreanjapanese to cook you will not regret ! On my channel You can find receptacle TASTY TOMATOES UNDER a NYLON COVER (AS a CASK ) BUT NOT PRECISELT UNTIL JUNE of NEXT YEAR (preparation for winter ) AWESOME DELICIOUS balanced taste Mayonnaise which ALWAYS work 100 % DENSE with no taste oil is not greasy with a twist Playlist – Christmas (holiday ) dishes Playlist and the Second Playlist meals – entrees Playlist – potato Dishes Playlist – meat Playlist – fish Playlist – Delicious Pastries Playlist – Playlist Salads – Delicious Jam Jams and Compotes Playlist – Snacks for every taste Playlist – Delicious canned for the winter Playlist Sauces Tegulae Playlist video Playlist Garden Garden Playlist – Desserts Go to my channel SUBSCRIBE ! Put Likes !Click on the bell to learn about new videos there will be so many interesting recipes that can be Prepared SIMPLY and VERY TASTY !!! #Recipe #Fish #Solemnise #Recipes #Cooking #relativelyleisurely of #Food #to campigotto #Pasteurized #cakeplate #herring #salting #salted #carp #salt Source: Рецепты на любой вкус Светлана Власюк @ Youtube.

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