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Pie on the water. Without eggs, milk and butter.

Pie in the water. Without eggs, milk and butter.Ingredients:250 ml warm воды40 ml Rast. масла250 gr. муки150 gr. sugar пескаваниль16 gr. razryhlitelya peel 1st limonnik of half a lemon.Shape diameter – 18-20 cm.*** Enjoyed the video? Share with your friends! Estimate!Comment!*** I advise you to watch:*********************************************************************** Pizza in the pan for 5 minutes + baking. An unusual method of preparation. – v=3ooZ20jiHEc&t=1s*** LENTEN DOUGHNUTS. AIR AS A CLOUD – *** SPECTACULAR AND DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE QUICHE.DELICIOUS!!! – *** Pumpkin doughnuts v=zHatMaoUggc&t=23s*** the Most delicious pear tart with walnuts *** PAWPAW CAKE WITHOUT BAKING – *** KOREAN DONUTS – KKWABAEGI – *** BUN – LOAF. RICH YEAST DOUGH.PATTERN.HOW to MAKE BEAUTIFUL PATTERNED BUN – *** PUFFY DOUGHNUTS” BOMBOLONE” WITH CUSTARD – *** Vegetable pasties with potatoes. Holiday version – *** BOMBEZNAYA CAKE WITH a SURPRISE ON the DAY of BIRTH – *** Eggplant in soy sauce with garlic – *** EASTER cake ITALIAN. COLOMBA/ PIGEON/ COLOMBA. ITALIAN EASTER CAKE – *** EASTER CAKE.PASCA.UNREALISTIC LUSH,DELICIOUS AND HIGH CAKES!PERFECT RECIPE! – v=N2dAycpogs4&t=27ѕПлэйлисты:*********************************************************************** Popular recipes – v=1nFDk0y9TSg&list=PLoXviWF7f0wbp4ZgQAxA3HmmbIlkRmlvy*** Desserts – v=YgLkMfXNtrs&list=PLoXviWF7f0wYcTGMRgjGJmuVbB5FE0Crr*** Post – *** Cakes *** Meat *** Pies *** Bread – *** Delicious and beautiful – Link to subscribe to my channel: Link to my Instagram: Link to my group in Friendster: Link to my group in Facebook: baking, cake, cake without eggs, chocolate cake, cooking, vegetable pastries recipe chocolate cake, homemade cakes, cake, vegetable cake, milk, vegetable cake, cake without eggs, dessert, cook, quick recipes, cake without eggs, chocolate cake recipe, dough, eating, fast recipe, yeast dough, lean, lean dough, tasty, simple recipes, baking without eggs, quick cake, cuisine, meatless recipes, simple cake, to, post, yummy, cooking, delicious cake, simple vegetarian recipes, easy cake recipe, cake recipes without eggs, Lenten meals Source: КреативнаяКухня @ Youtube.

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