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Pie,cake, cheesecake, how to call? Recipe without flour, semolina and starch. #suffix

Composition: 180g. creamy soft cheese 0.5 St. sour cream, 2/3 Cup sugar, 5 aitsahalia we’ll make pie, cake, cheesecake .As it is properly called, I don’t know. It is all similar but at the same time much gentler and more pleasant. Prepared without flour, no semolina, no starch and baking powder. It is very good for children, those who can not tolerate gluten, for those who are watching their health and figure. #suffix On the channel talks about what to do in retirement, about a healthy lifestyle.about life in the country all year round. You will learn the recipes for delicious and healthy meals. Learn how to grow fruits and vegetables without the use of chemicals with the minimum expenses of work and funds, how to raise chickens in the country.. Learn how to heal your body without drugs you will Understand where and how to master the computer and even earn on it. Subscribe to my channel and ask questions.My playlists:sweet Potato. All about sweet potatoes. Vegetable dishes Vegetable recipes entrees Healthy eating Baking fish Dish of cottage cheese for winter Harvesting Potatoes from seed All about the MOMORDICA of Natural farming, Growing chickens Pests of the vegetable garden Series Winter and summer all year round. Recovery of the organism Orthodox churches Source: Видео дневник @ Youtube.

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