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Pizza dough in pizzerias. The yeast pizza dough for a few minutes

Want to prepare the pizza dough as it is cooked in the pizza? No problem, a thin pizza dough as the pizza is prepared very simply, and it turns out really tasty. Pizza in the home of the yeasted pastry is a thousand times tastier than the pizza.********************************************************************Subscribe to the channel: have You already signed? ▶ I turn on the bell so as not to miss new video!********************************************************************I recommend also to watch my videos:Pizza with ham and mushrooms. The pizza is thin rolling out very tasty and juicy Pizza with tuna. Juicy and delicious pizza thick rolling Delicious hot sandwiches in a few minutes of pork Chops with cheese and mushrooms. Delicious recipe baked tender meat Trout baked in the oven. Juicy and delicious recipe ********************************************************************LIST of INGREDIENTS:• 200 g flour• 100 ml water• 2 tsp dry yeast• 1 tbsp sugar• 1/2 tsp salt• 1 tbsp olive oil (if not olive oil, you can take refined vegetable odourless) Source: Igor Givus @ Youtube.

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