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When(GOD JESUS)puts people to speak on (HIS) right,he gives the sign,(HE) came to me on the cloud and made it shoot the video,see from 1.17 minute,half asleep,shot With 4 minutes, 50 seconds. Recorded,eye of the devil,the beast on the left side in the sky,Asked GOD(IN the NAME of JESUS,(to show there is truth,heaven and hell,.Here showed.IS HEAVEN AND HELL.(GOD JESUS), GOOD,BETTER,STRONGER.idavoll beast…..The choice is yours,below, info, read.The Bible,the gift. ://БОГ WARNED THAT ALL those WHO will GO TO VILLAGES,VILLAGES to CITIES NONE OF THESE PEOPLE will NOT INHERIT ETERNAL LIFE,PARADISE.(this was me a vision in a dream.) My VC. The VC group,all about biometrics Biometrics=the new USSR passports etc….ELECTRONIC PASSPORT WITH a CHIP,AND the PRINTS of EYES AND HANDS IS the mark of the BEAST FROM HELL,AND ALL ELECTRONIC CARDS,ETC., BANK CARD ,WORLD card,NEW PASSPORT,New medical pole,ETC., DOCUMENTS FROM HELL ,the beast.WHO TAKE FOREVER FLIES TO HELL.(it’s a mark of the beast ,13глава revelation of John,the Bible)NOW SITS,the beast,HELL MAN,a liar, a false prophet,HELL,HE 0this is the EVIL BOSS ,AND YOU KILL, ITS SLASHIE SERVANTS, FOR believing YOU,KILL you,FOR the HOLY GOD JESUS.HOLY JESUS WILL COME AND KILL HIM AND HIS SERVANTS,AND WILL LIVE FOREVER WITH THE GOOD JESUS.AND RIGHT NOW POVERTY AND MANY OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION …PATIENCE YOU.KEEP EVERYTHING FROM the OLD Bank account AND ALL DOCUMENTS(old).NEW do NOT TAKE the SLIP to SIGN, the PROCESSING of DATA(processing of personal data should not be signed,)(to third parties), otdadut THEM ON LIFE,ETC., the APOCALYPSE IN ACTION, PATIENCE AND effort YOU ALL GO through GOD JESUS….GOD JESUS CHRIST ON the CROSS DIED for us SINNERS FOR YOU,HE bled AND BEAT HIM,HE SUFFERED ALL THAT to SAVE YOU FROM the ETERNAL FIRE of HELL,ACCEPT HIM,ASK FOR FORGIVENESS AND STOP THAT SIN AND HE YOU, IN PARADISE.FROM THE SKY. With their permission, WRITE ALICIA WHAT I do FROM THEM,LOOK at the EYES of JESUS CHRIST FROM the SKY,AND CROSSES FROM the SKY ON THIS CHANNEL THAT I have FOR the SKY….YouTube eyes of Jesus Christ)video on the link below see. THE GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER.THANK GOD, JESUS CHRIST.GLORY TO THE HOLY SPIRIT.FOREVER AND EVER AMEN,HALLELUJAH.In my world,,,, MAIL MY [email protected]ПРИВЕТСТВУЕТСЯ-COPY ALL VIDEO…THANK you.= IN THE NAME OF JESUS.IN THE NAME OF GOD AND HIS PEOPLE.At the top of the playlists look,there’s info needed.What will happen to people WHO GO OVER (GOD of JESUS.)AND WILL NOT ACCEPT BIOMETRICS AND BIOMETRIC CARDS,PASSPORTS,ETC….. THAT’s WHY,PUT CAMERAS EVERYWHERE :// Source: Жизнь в Апокалипсис @ Youtube.

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