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PIZZA IN the PAN FOR 5 MINUTES / Test recipe

Today we are creating a new category Check recipes from the Internet, we will take unusual recipes from the net and try to cook them, and then we will make conclusions, whether the prescription to spend time. Today we decided to start with a known recipe pizza on the pan for five minutes, first make a dough, mail as pancakes, pour the batter into the pan, and established the filling and wait for 10 minutes. Our pizza is ready and you can taste it. But in fact it’s more like pie than pizza, but when very little time, you can cook. Our past videos:SHAWARMA ON the CHARCOAL – CHICKEN NUGGETS – AESCHI WITH CONDENSED milk – PASTIES – POTATOES IN a CAULDRON ON FIRE – WINGS IN TOMATO SAUCE Source: ВКУСНО И ПРОСТО @ Youtube.

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