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PIZZA MUFFINS I RECIPE in the Description I will Surprise guests I #Victoriasquare

How to cook oldlevel pizza? Hi all! Already write a recipe of Delicious, tender, unusual boiled Sausage 300 g and 2-3 pieces tomatoes cut into cubes. Any cheese 150 g grated.Throws the dishes in all of this, add 3 eggs, chopped parsley, 2 tbsp sour cream, pour kefir 2.5% 150 ml, add flour 200-300 mg, so that the dough is like thick cream. A little salt and add baking soda 0,5 peremeshivaem and fry in a pan, liberally greased with sunflower oil until Golden brown on medium heat.Turn over and fry on low heat with closed lid until Golden brown.Bon appetit! ❤I rest my recipes under the hashtag #Dynamictreepanel instagram @victoria_skyba_inst We have a lot of!))#Victoriasquare #pizza #pancakes #polioviruses Source: ДОМОВОДСТВО INT с Викторией Скыба @ Youtube.

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