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Pizza pie with pepper from the yeast-free puff pastry

the Recipe is simple. It turns out a delicious dish with flavorful meat filling. Special piquancy pizza add peppers. Delicious simple recipe. Composition productos теста1.Flour 3, 5 CT2. Cold water is 1.5 ft3. Sunflower oil 6 tbsp. L4. Salt 1 Sapodilla начинки1. Minced beef 300-400г2. Bell pepper 6-8 PCs 3. Tomatoes 4 PCs средние4. Cheese 200г5. Bow 1 шт6. Basil small пучок7. Ground pepper, salt вкусу8. Oil podsolnechnoe приготовления1. Knead the dough. Mix the flour with salt, add water. Knead the dough.( should be softer dumplings). Divided into two parts: large and small.2. Pour the sunflower oil on all sides.Close wrap and give premyslide minutes 10.3. Roll out large ball of dough into a thin rectangle. On top put a small balloon. Roll out. Doing envelope. Envelope folded in half. And again roll out into a rectangle and make the envelope. The dough is ready. Roll out again. On a baking sheet, greased, put a layer of dough. 4. Fry finely chopped onion until Golden, add mince, fry until white in color 10 minutes, salt, and pepper. Add chopped tomatoes and simmer for another 5.5 minutes. In a blender scroll the tomatoes without skin. Add a little sweet paprika.6. Pour the tomato mixture into the pan, add 1 tbsp of sunflower oil and a pinch of salt. Evaporated for 10 minutes to evaporate the excess water.7. Spread tomato mixture on dough, equal.Put the cheese, shabby on a coarse grater.8. The pepper in half lengthwise, cleaned, filled with stuffing and spread on the dough.9. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees 25-30 minutes. Pizza, take out, turn over peppers . Decorate with Basil leaves. Cut into portions, serve hot. Bon appetit! Source: Babyshka TV @ Youtube.

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