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Pizza with minced meat and pickled cucumbers

Among the countless options for pizza there is a pizza with minced meat. The minced meat with pickled cucumbers, it turns out very juicy, and it makes this pizza unbelievably delicious. The pizza is suitable for any occasion, will delight all unusual taste and this will be a highlight. Bon appetit!********************************************************************Subscribe to the channel: have You already signed? ▶ I turn on the bell so as not to miss new video!********************************************************************Suggest also see:Pizza with ham and mushrooms. The pizza is thin rolling out very tasty and juicy Pizza with tuna. Juicy and tasty thick pizza rolling pizza Dough in the pizzeria. The yeast pizza dough for a few minutes, the White sauce for the pizza. The pizza base in the pizza Delicious hot sandwiches in a few minutes of pork Chops with cheese and mushrooms. Delicious recipe baked tender meat Trout baked in the oven. Juicy and delicious recipe ********************************************************************LIST of INGREDIENTS:the DOUGH:Cook recipe: BASE:Prepare the recipe: FILLING: • 450 g minced meat• 2 medium onion• 150 g pickles• 0,5 tsp salt• ground black pepper to taste• 150 g of hard cheese Source: Igor Givus @ Youtube.

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