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Hello! Today we cook pizza with seafood.The recipe of pizza with seafood: ● 300 g of dough for pizza● 250 grams of tomato sauce● 400g herring, fresh or frozen● 10 PCs olives● 100 g cheese● spices● 1/2 Cup white wine● oil olivkovoe roll out the dough into a round tortilla and brush with oil.Seafood cook in olive oil on high heat at the end sprinkle with wine. Cheese cut into small cubes.The dough cover with a layer of tomato sauce, top put seafood mix, olives and cheese. Sprinkle dry mix of Italian spices and brush with oil.►SUBSCRIBE to not miss new videos ► Hit the thumbs up! =)► Leave your opinion in the comments! Source: ВКУСНЯТИНА @ Youtube.

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