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Pizza with their hands

Prepare a budget pizza!Recipe and technology from a professional pastry chef. The one pizza a simple, homemade pan.The dough:Pour about 300 grams of flour in the center of emkosti do deepen (for ease of adding ingredients)Then add:1 tbsp сахара1 tbsp olive or sunflower Malasian one pinch soopermexican until smooth and leave.Pour a glass of warm water (250ml, not hot!, It warm up to 40 degrees) and add to 10 g of dry yeast (or a piece the size of 2 rubles presovanny yeast)Dissolve and do not touch for about 10 minutes.After that pour into our ground.The dough is liquid, so add flour and knead to a tight consistency. Trying to vent the dough to a state where it does not stick to hands. For this you need to pour the flour.After kneading, the dough is measured out, and unrolled.For the filling in the video:200 g of cooked stem колбасы3 укропа2 stem green лука1 яйцо1 tomato medium roserose except the tomatoes, finely chop, put in a separate container, beat one egg and stir. That’s the stuffing.Rolled out the dough pan,then evenly splits the filling (like in the video). Initially one that is mixed with egg, then spread the grated tomato, then bell pepper (optional), then grated cheese (in the budget variant of the usual cream). After the entire surface is covered in mayonnaise.Now put the pan in a pre-heated oven. Every 10 minutes I glance. I would put 200 degrees and watched every 7-8 minutes.Once finished, the cakes will be Golden color and a brown color of the filling.Bon appetit! Source: Flight Object @ Youtube.

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