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Pizza without flour in the oven. No carb pizza recipe.Pizza minced meat.

Pizza without flour in the oven. No carb pizza recipe.Pizza minced meat.You love pizza but not the carbs? No problem! I will show You how to bake a pizza with minced meat, olives and pepper. It is covered with fresh vegetables, chilli cream and cheese.1 лук2 cloves чеснока3 halves of peppers: red, yellow, зеленый100 g olives stuffed with перцем1 bunch green лука500 kg of meat.Яйцо2 1 tsp горчицы1 tablespoon tomato plastisol and peracarida, сладкая1 pomodoros:75 g сметаны125 g sauce чили50 ml воды200 g mozzarella or Gouda, Terehov of the oven for 45 minutes at 200 degrees.—————————-On MY CHANNEL———————————–On my channel – Rosa Miller – I want to share dishes that use herself as a diabetic. Basically I’m looking for recipes for KETO and LCHF ( low carbohydrate diet) on foreign resources.Since I am a diabetic, I have to always follow the diet to less carbs. I spent three months doing KETO diet, and I learned how to avoid carbs in diabetes. Of course, I knew that the sugar in sweet, but I didn’t know that he is everywhere!On KETO and LCHF – low carb diet I don’t eat potatoes, cereals, rice, pasta, fruits and juices. This does not mean that I don’t even drink, but try to avoid them. Bread I can’t completely eliminate, because the recipes are wheat-free breads are made mostly from nut flour. And I, as it turned out not tolerate many nuts.Now I switched to LCHF – low carb diet and that I want to share with You. I did not teach you how to eat properly for diabetes, and you have to cook for myself since I feel and what fits in diabetes. You can make every dish for yourself! To change, add or remove products as You like! About how I was doing Keto diet, can watch videos: ://…Также there will be videos about our life in Germany.My channel: Media:Classmates: : VC: Source: Rosa Miller @ Youtube.

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