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Pizza without yeast recipe Dr. Oetker

Who avoids recipes with a pizza party, because he does not like to work with yeast dough? Long to cook? It certainly wasn’t this recipe)to Share a pizza recipe without yeast, with fragrant and colorful stuffing them with cheese, tomatoes, sausage and olives (You can always vary the filling to your own taste)— You will need:• Olive oil – 1 tsp.• Flour – 370 g• Warm milk – 150 ml• Salt – 1 tsp• Eggs – 2 tbsp baking Powder Dr. Oetker – pack of 1—For the filling:• Tomatoes• Pepperoni• Tomato pasta• mozzarella Cheese• Olives— preparation Method:1) Mix in the bowl of the mixer the flour, salt and baking powder Dr. Oetker.2) Separately mix the liquid ingredients – eggs, milk and olive oil.3) Add to dry ingredients liquid.4) Knead a smooth dough.5) Pripisivaem surface with flour and roll out the dough.6) Spread the filling on the dough. Bake the pizza at 200C for about 10-15 minutes.—Bon appetit!—Another may like:* Homework: * Easter recipes * Desserts Dr. Oetker: * Recipes from Dr. Oetker: * Course with Nina Tarasova: * Desserts for the holidays: * Desserts no-bake: * Savoury pastries * Cream desserts: the Recipes of berries and fruits: * Biscuits and muffins: * Recipes from pastry: * Pastry: * Recipes with custard test: Even more recipes on our website: –Find us in social networks! Instagram: Vkontakte: Odnoklassniki: : Source: Dr. Oetker Russia @ Youtube.

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