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POPPY seed cheese CAKE ☆ German CHEESECAKE

#pie #Mac #cheese #makoyedov a #cheesecake #recipe⭐this COOPERATION [email protected]Сегодня we will prepare incredibly tasty and tender cheesecake.Cake is very easy to prepare: crumbly shortcrust pastry combines perfectly with cheese and poppy fillings. This German dessert is so amazing and unusual that you have to ask for the recipe. And the recipe is the following:First of all, prepare the filling for this we need: — Ingredients–the Filling:Milk – 700 mllion oil – 100 Sahar – 150 gmanna Krupa – 100 GMAC – 150 tvorog – 300 geico – 1 piece –a Little–Flour – 300 Sahar – 2-3 tbsp butter – 100 g➤ Rate my second channel : Like recipe?!SUBSCRIBE to not miss new video!!!!Tell about my channel to your friends – there is still a lot of interesting also See other recipes on my channel: Cakes cookies and other desserts cakes, Pies, pancakes, Salads ladki on holiday and every day with mayonnaise and no meat and offal fish menu preserves, pickles ♥ Facebook – ♥ Instagram – All a pleasant appetite!!! Source: Готовить просто @ Youtube.

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