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Pork in the oven with cheese and vegetables, delicious recipe

Pork in the oven with cheese and vegetables, very tasty recipe✔ ❤ Subscribe to our channel: Ingredients:to please Pets and friends with a delicious meat for this recipe, you will need (for 4 servings):• 1 kg pork neck;• 150 grams of cheese;• 2 onions;• 2 tomatoes;• granulated garlic;• pepper;• pepper;• cumin;• 60 grams of mayonnaise;• 10 grams sweet “Bavarian” mustard.Our website: Our Facebook: Thanks to this delicious recipe you will prepare a delicious pork with vegetables and cheese in the oven))#recipe #pork(`•.(`•.*♥♥♥♥*.•’).•’)♥♥(`•.(`•.**.•’).•’)♥♥ — VIDEO RECIPES—(_.•’(_.•’*♥♥♥♥*`•._)`•._)♥♥(_.•’(_.•’**`•._)`•._) Source: Video Recipe @ Youtube.

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