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Pork piece with nuts and potatoes in the oven

a Delicious simple recipe. Prepared piece, and a side dish. This dish is well suited for the festive table. Juicy soft meat will appeal to many. The recipe is simple and does not take much time.Composition продуктов1. Pork ( neck) 1-1,2 kg2. Nuts( walnuts ) 1 ft3. Eggs 4 шт4. Flour 4 tbsp. L5. Breadcrumbs 1 ст6. Dry white wine 1 ST7. Garlic 3-4 зубчика8. Salt, ground pepper( pepper mix)9. Spices for meat( 1 tbsp)10. Olive oil 3-4 table 11. Potatoes about 1 кг12. Tomatoes small 6 stateby приготовления1. Meat wash, dry paper towel, RUB with salt and pepper.Pour the wine and leave to marinate 4 hours, turning occasionally.2. Nuts chopped with a knife finely.3. Nuts mix with dry spices, garlic, missed through chesnokodavilku. Add olive oil and salt.Beat the eggs, add flour, stir.4. The meat is first put in beaten eggs and then in breadcrumbs. Repeat this procedure three times.5. Put into a form , lubricated with oil. Close foil, preparing for 1.5 hours at a temperature of 180 degrees.6. 30 minutes before cooking, remove the foil. Put prepared potatoes and tomatoes. Meat and potatoes have browned. Readiness of meat is determined by the toothpick( the juice from the meat should be transparent)Bon appetit! Source: Babyshka TV @ Youtube.

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