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Pork with vegetables on the coals, yum!!! KEBAB or not KEBAB?

Recipe pork on the coals, with vegetables. Super tasty dish that you really like, you will love it. Pork on charcoal is a kind of substitute for traditional barbecue. Leaving the country does not forget a few simple ingredients, this is:Swine carbonate smoked Bacon.Solspace for barbecue.Vegetables I took:Pamidronate capaccioli pepper.For outdoors, the cottage is a very useful recipe. Recipe of pork on the coals is very simple and without unnecessary problems. No need to marinate the meat, wait and so on, just take the cut of meat, placed on a skewer and fry in 15 minutes ready full, original dish to the table. Or a great snack to strong drinks, but I advise you to stay sober. Be sure to cook this dish of pork, I suggest you to cook this recipe. Source: Димоныч @ Youtube.

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