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POTATO meat balls MY RECIPE is a delicious recpt for my favorite audience!)

my instagram my VKВсем Hello my dear, to your attention in today’s video want to submit your original recipe potato patties (potato nagetsy). This recipe will not take you a lot of time and work, by the way, very very tasty and not expensive not very expensive, but again, very tasty. So, my favorite viewers, subscribers and visitors to the channel sit back, prepare snacks and go!!!)))Recipe: boiled Potatoes – 400-500грСосиски – 2штМука – 3st. spoons Egg – 1 PC. in the dough kartofelno – 1 PCs for pyrokinesis (parsley, dill, green onion)Salt and pepper usuopetuse: meatballs, recipe, cooking, how, cook, potato, cheese, mushroom, sauce, dish, from, potatoes, meatballs, potato dumplings, food (tv genre), cooking (interest), potato, recipe, potato recipe, food, pancakes, potato zrazy zrazy recipe, main dish, dish, delicious, live recipes, potatoes recipe, recipes from potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, stuffing, cheese, ham, onion, dill, potatoes, delicious meatballs, potatoes, garnish, Parkhomenko, kitchen, cooking, cook, pancakes, burgers, how to make, how to cook, lunch, dinner, recipe of potato cutlets, how to cook potato patties, potato patties, croquettes of potatoes, recipes potatoes, potato stuffing, how to cook zrazy, potatoes and cheese, Kalinina Natalia, household chores, meal, meatballs, potato, prepared, prigotovlenie, prigotavlivaemy, what you can do, +how to make +at home +how to cook a delicious dinner fast +tasty, homemade recipes, delicious recipes, quick, recipe, recipes +photos, best recipes Source: DeSoL @ Youtube.

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