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POTATO SALAD WITH TUNA.Salad recipes.Potato salad with tuna can be a wonderful light dinner, a snack, and can apply for a place on the holiday table.Ingredients for the salad are all available, salad is prepared simply and quickly, and the result will surely appreciate.———————————————-boiled potatoes – 6 PCs;tuna canned in own juice – 1 Bank;onion – 1 PC. olives – 15 PCs.; sun-dried tomatoes – 10 pieces;red wine vinegar – 1 tbsp;mustard – 1 tsp;vegetable oil – 3 tbsp;salt, pepper – to taste;parsley.———————————————-1)onions cut into thin half-rings and pour for a few minutes in boiling water to remove bitterness, then drain the water.2)Cooked and cooled potatoes cut into thin slices and salt.3)on Top lay the slices of canned tuna.4)Olives cut into rings and sprinkle the salad.5)the Next layer to lay out the onions.6)sun-Dried tomatoes finely chop and add to salad.7)Mix vinegar, mustard, vegetable oil,to taste salt and pepper.8)Pour the prepared salad dressing and add chopped parsley.9)you Can serve immediately, but better to hold several hours in the refrigerator for impregnation.************************************************************** Link to video: *the First and Second dishes: *Appetizers and procurement: *Salad *Sandwiches and savory pastries: – a cryptocurrency for likes on your channel YOUTUBE: @stankas79/tib6/… *************************************On our channel You will find many recipes and tips on cooking!Subscribe to the channel: Classmates: Group in VK: #salad #potatoes #potato #tuna #fish #home #cooking #delicious #simple #potatoes #recipes #puff Source: Домашняя Кулинария @ Youtube.

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