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PP Cheesecake Hazelnut date. PP a delicious dessert.

Hello to all slender people, let’s indulge ourselves with goodies with PP-shnymi, this recipe is a find for me, very tasty, but what can we talk about taste, cook and you will understand everything, it will be a magic wand when you really want something mega tasty and sweet Yes, the dates are high in calories, but I think dates are better than ordinary shop sweets or cake with sugar and trans fats.And of course, a little about the benefits of dates, Date fruits contain a large amount of vitamins, macro and micro elements as well as amino acids. Dates are useful for weight loss, because are a fibrous product that promotes a good cleansing of the body from toxins, cholesterol. Selenium included in the product strengthens the immune system and fights against the risk of developing oncological diseases. Are sweets and cakes ordinary cakes store containing vitamins and amino acids? ))In general, for me dates are a great alternative to candy. But it’s not worth eating too much in the first half of the day, you shouldn’t be too carried away with such a cheesecake, but when you want something better than that, and believe me, it will not disappoint you.Ingredients1Flow layerHazelnut 100gOatmeal-70gMilk-35mlDates-6sht.25g2Caramel (date layer)Dates-160gMilk-16-mlSalt-0.5 hl3 chocolate layerDark chocolate without sugar with a high content of% kako -90gBanana 1pc 100gMilk-200mlIn a blender pour hazelnuts (I soaked it in salt water)Then we put the dates of 6 pieces.Adding OatmealMilk 35 mlWhackThe form is covered with parchmentLay the ready mix on the bottomTamp with a spoonSent in the freezer for 20 minutesCooking CaramelBlender put dates 160gPour 160mlAdd milk half a teaspoon of saltWhackCooking top layerPour chocolate milk into the bowl 200 mlAdd dark chocolateWe put on the fire until the chocolate is completely dissolved.Add a bananaWhackForm layersLay the caramel (date) layer on the hazelnutPour chocolateSent 2.5 ch in the freezer Source: Охудительные Рецепты @ Youtube.

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