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PP Chocolate cake in the microwave. PP Breakfast.

Hi,it was my Breakfast today,mmm it’s very tasty, and most importantly does not take much time and PP, and the feeling like a ate cake,I was preparing a cupcake like in the microwave,but this is another option. It is possible to decorate what you like,fruits, nuts, in my case it’s the cashews,coconut and my love of toffee Zero calorie syrup or peanut butter. Ingredients: Corn flour-Banana 30g-60g Egg-1 PC. Milk-30ml Baking powder-1/2H.l. Walnut-10g Cocoa 1 For decoration I have cashew-5g Low-calorie chocolate syrup or peanut butter 15Banana mash with a fork Add corn flour Egg Milk Baking powder Stir Add Cocoa, Sugar substitute Stir Grind the nuts into crumbs Pour in the batter Pour into a mug Sent in the microwave for 3-3,5 min Source: Охудительные Рецепты @ Youtube.

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