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PP chocolate cake with coconut and nuts (no flour, no sugar, no baking)

kick-ass chocolate coconut raw cake, which I can’t stop eating – I cook again and again Recipe enough calories ( because in its composition a lot of good fats, and fats have a high energy value), so I love them for Breakfast! And I recommend You to eat it in the morning)⠀100 g: 456 kcal BDIM – 8.3/35.7/28.3⠀Ingredients quite a lot, but is very simple! I highly recommend to buy everything needed to cook this wonderful cake at least once, he is fantastic!⠀ For the base:✔ this coconut – 150 g✔app carob (you can substitute cocoa powder) – 2 tbsp✔this coconut oil – 1 tbsp✔app dates – 10 PCs⠀ For the top layer:✔ this coconut milk – 130-150 g✔this cashew – 300 g (pre-soak overnight)✔app honey – 1-2 tbsp✔app carob (you can substitute cocoa powder) – 4 tbsp✔this coconut oil – 6 tbsp⠀Method of preparation – mix all the ingredients) Read more in the video ⠀Prepare and enjoy this divine taste! Be sure to share your impressions when you taste this cake ⠀my Instagram page, you can find a lot of useful and tasty recipes on this hashtag #ira_ost_рецепт Source: Ирина Остапенко @ Youtube.

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