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Check chocolate brownies with zucchini. Very interesting, whether it will turn out tasty) Form 29*20 cm or 23*23 smwsa the ingredients should be at room temperature!Dough:150 gr. chocolate 130 gr. sugar (to taste)2 medium яйца50 gr. creamy масла50 ml vegetable oil (in the video were wrong and said 75-ml is not correct)+/- 130 gr. wheat муки30 gr. cocoa порошка200 gr. кабачка5 gr. baking soda (1 tbsp )0.5 tsp. salt vanilla sharpenedge:60 ml milk/сливок60 gr. сахара20 gr. cocoa порошка30-40 gr. creamy Maslama technique:✓ Convection oven GEMLUX GL-OR-2265LUX: Microwave GEMLUX GL-MW90G28 link to the original recipe – The best recipes – the Most unfortunate recipes – ✉ On advertising and cooperation: [email protected]Мои social networks fall into the group of VC – add to friends in the VC come in integramed to see you on my channel. I love to cook and want to do it together with you. If you enjoyed support me with a like and subscription. Videos come out every day. Subscribe to not miss! Source: Ольга Мирошниченко [Еда без Труда] @ Youtube.

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