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Today I want to show you uryvok as one rabotiaga makes Local(Japanese dish) without any tools. Can let me know if you like this topic in the comments or likes, I will continue to look for him.* * * If you think that this guy it gained like, I can put it.This will give a +1 to the positive(and not only) Go for it!))))Must notify you that on YouTube there is a like button to subscribe, and you can click on it…….—–The characteristics of my Dino-laptop—— Intel core i3-2350M 2.30 GHz (CPU)- the CPU to 4.0 GB (RAM)- RAM – 1GB Nvidia GT 630M (GPU)- graphics card – 500GB (ROM)- hard drive (make a montage and I often stream with him)…..Video optimization(unreadable): chad zuber Russian, chad zuber, Chad Zuber Russian Japan, Japanese University, Japanese school, Japanese, Dorm, study abroad, vlog, study abroad, Tokyo, moving to Japan, life in Japan, Japanese women, Japanese, pompi, pompian, pomfy, pomfychan, pomfy chan, japan, study in japan, japanese, Japanese language, Japanese soda, Japanese sweets, studying in Japan, tokyo, Japanese food, Japanese cuisine, food, Japanese street food what the Japanese eat, street food, sushi, japanese food, kawaii, reaction of foreigners, interesting facts, omelet, Breakfast omelette, how to cook scrambled how to make scrambled eggs, omelette recipe, omelette pan how to cook scrambled eggs, scrambled recipe, scrambled eggs with milk, delicious scrambled eggs recipe, quick Breakfast, scrambled eggs, milk, Breakfast eggs, eggs, eggs, what to cook for Breakfast ideas for Breakfast, delicious Breakfast, always tasty, video recipe, Breakfast recipes, recipe tasty omelette Japan, Japanese restaurants, where to eat out in Japan, new ruble, how much for dinner for two, salads, Hamamatsu, cabbage, sauces, tasty meal, menu, Japan, Japanese culture, meat, tourism, island of Kyushu, the prices in Japanese restaurants, guide to Japan, Shawarma, restaurants, Japanese soups, Japanese cuisine, lunch, popular dishes in Japan, Japanese food recipes, Japanese contemporary kitchen, Japanese soup with egg, Japanese soups at home, Japanese noodle soups, Japanese miso soup, Japanese ramen soup, Japanese soup with seaweed, Japanese cuisine, Japanese food home, Japanese eggs, Luda easy cook Japanese food, Luda easy cook + soups, Luda easy cook soups, ramen soup, soup with egg, Luda easy cook Japanese cuisine video, ramen noodle orwegian, survive, any, price, how, to, wild, conditions, ed, Stratford, or to die, the survivors how to survive in the wild, on the brink of bare survival, YouTube how to survive without snarezheniya, 6 series, ed Stratford 2018выживание in the forest, without equipment, food in the woods shelter in the woods, shelter, wild food, how to survive in the woods to survive at any cost, what to eat in the woods, survival, construction of shelters, shelter, to survive in the woods, life hacks for survival, survival in the wild, wild kitchen, in the woods, to survive in the forest, the forest, build a shelter, hike for survival, the woods, his hands vyzhyvanie, survival, tips, chirostenotes survival, survival, survival week “WEEK of SURVIVAL IN the DUGOUT [1 PART journey into the forest, searching in the forest, metal in the forest, alone in the taiga, taiga adventures, the taiga, the COP in the forest, night dig, night COP, a COP in the woods, search of scrap metal where to find scrap metal, Source: Примитивные Технологии @ Youtube.

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